We start business after the customer set the approval on the required

  • Quantities
  • Prices
  • Size

then the ”after contract ” phase starts by processing the required product whether its lined sheets , 9 lined notebooks , English ,
kg pamphlet , drawing sketches , wired patchwork ,
maps sketch and more and more products )

Oscarfacilities and press deals with the
Largest duplex and paper importers in the country
So we get to be sure about our product’s Quality.
Oscarhave 4 Distribution centers around the whole country
To facilitate it and make it easier for the costumer.

the interior sheet design distinguishesoscar family
in the industry , that’s why oscar registered and
reserved its exclusive designs to The competent authorities
according to the country law and it belongs only
tooscar trademark and who tries to imitate or steal
the designs will get cracked under the Egyptian law for
distortion and stealing.
All copy rights reserved foroscar ® brand name .